Discover Antoine Dunn's fitness journey, his love for boxing and being one of the most sort after London personal trainers on the scene.

When I was growing up I had my sights set on becoming a footballer, I was even scouted by Charlton FC but by the old age of 16 I retired. Wanting to continue my love for fitness I came across a gym instructor course which sounded like it suited me perfectly and so I began my journey to qualify.
I’m a West London boy through and through but a few years into my career I decided to move to New York to further develop my training, where I took up a position in the renowned Gotham Gym. During my time at Gotham I shadowed my colleagues and learnt how they train their clients with boxing and how they box themselves. My boss mainly showed me the ropes on how to use the boxing pads, telling me to have my own ‘swagger’ while holding them and training clients. 
My first ever client was this young girl called ‘Dila’ and I remember after one of our sessions that she said to me ‘since we’ve started training her life has changed’ and that’s something that i'll never forget, that made me realise that I really wanted to be a personal trainer. 

After finding my feet in NYC I gained some clients and started to find my own rhythm on how to train people. Same with boxing, but I learnt a harsh lesson quite early on in my boxing career. I sparred with one of my work colleagues who was an ex professional boxer… I got schooled badly and left the ring in embarrassment because I felt I should’ve done a lot better. This made me realise that boxing isn’t a fight, it's an art so just because you think you can fight doesn’t mean you can box. After this my interest and respect for the sport grew enormously and I then started to take it a lot more seriously. 
I made good friends from people worked there and from clients, learnt a lot about myself as a trainer and as a person working and living in New York. 

After two years in New York I came back to London and started working at GymBox. It was here I learnt a lot more about ‘typical’ personal training. The majority of the trainers there were bodybuilders so a lot of my training also became about getting bigger and stronger. I enjoyed this type of training because this was my foundation, but I came to realise that this wasn’t the best sort of training for when I stepped into the ring. I felt a lot slower and stiff when I was sparring at Gymbox. So I stopped lifting heavy weights and began to start doing a lot more conditioning exercises and cardio. I listened to all the boxing experts I was training with and showcased that in my first win. It was a close fight to a very tough opponent but the feeling I got when the referee raised my arm felt like I was on cloud 9.
It was around the time of my second fight that I got introduced to the founders of KOBOX, London's first boutique boxing gym. They were scouting for boxing trainers and as soon as I was told I could play my own music and run the class how I wanted I signed up to the KOBOX family. I still continued to work at Gymbox during my first few months in the new job until I decided to leave to focus my time between KOBOX and my own personal clients, by which time I'd built up a base of.
Nowadays I hardly touch heavy weights. Ever since boxing I’ve slowly trained a lot more body weight, explosive movements, hitting the heavy bag etc. The way I train now I prefer how I feel and look. I’m a lot sharper, fast, lean and stronger. I’m not against hypertrophy training, I’ll do the odd weight session when I’m with my friends or if I miss it too much but the boxing training is more beneficial for me.

Teaching at KOBOX goes hand in hand with everything I agree and believe in. It's everything I do when I train, box...HIIT training whilst listening to my favourite music the only difference is i'm teaching so I definitely teach what I preach.  Since the launch of I competed in my third fight which I couldn't be prouder than to say I won! A lot of hard work and training went into the making of that night, if you missed the live action, there's plenty of footage over in my gallery

Currently you can find me either throwing the tunes out at the two KOBOX gyms, teaching my private clients or in the ring. Get in touch if you're serious about training or if I've not managed to convince you yet, read what my clients have to say about me in my Testimonials.

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