Don't just take our word for it, read the reviews from the ADunn family on training with Antoine.  



Antoine has been my Boxing Coach for over a year now and ever since, my approach to sports and personal development has changed immensely. He focuses on me as an individual, tapping into my potential to perform and improve without limits.


The training sessions are always filled with SO MUCH fun; learning; enjoyment; amazing music; vibes; sweat, and hard work. The sessions not only have improved my boxing skills;  condition; strength, and body awareness, but also my confidence and



As a coach, Antoine is committed, always present and attentive. The positive impact of the training sessions definitely extend to many other parts of life also. 


Antoine's passion for health and fitness is expressed through his continuous support; encouragement; attention; 

contagious positive energy, and life wisdom.


I have learned how to discover abilities I never knew existed. I have nothing but gratitude and respect for Antoine as a coach and as human being - this transformative journey has only just begun!



Aged 38, I  decided to take up boxing...perhaps a little daunted and apprehensive at first given my total lack of coordination and having no idea what I was getting myself into.  Enter Antoine Dunn...


Four years on, I couldn't be happier with my choice of sport and more so, my choice of coach. 

Antoine is the dream coach: patient (which sure is required when teaching me); kind; forever positive; witty; welcoming; incredibly knowledgeable able to explain and demonstrate tricky boxing techniques in a ways that make it easy to understand for a novice like me, and more than anything he has an uncanny ability to push me out of my comfort zone and to fully make me believe in my own abilities. Our weekly training sessions are always a highlight and forever over too soon 


Saying I'd highly recommend Antoine to anyone wanting to start their boxing journey is most certainly an understatement. Not only will you gain boxing skills; self belief and confidence; physical and mental strength, you'll also gain a supporter and friend for life! 



I started boxing with Antoine about two years ago with very little boxing experience.


Starting from the basics of the sport, Antoine has taken my skills & development into account and introduced new training techniques during every session, at the same time

pushing me forward.


During lockdown, our sessions have been the highlight of the weekend with Antoine always bringing positive energy, good music and full focus to our sessions.


Antoine's online PT sessions are also extremely versatile, engaging and enjoyable, him being very creative in delivering world-class sessions no matter the circumstances.



Antoine is the reason I fell back in love with working out, from the very first class of his that I went to at Kobox in 2017 to his online workouts last year that kept me sane through lockdown!


If you’re looking to start your fitness journey and have fun at the same time there’s no one better than Antoine to do that with. You’ll definitely feel the effects of a

workout days later!


He’s honestly one of the best people you could train with and the only person that I know who will have a smile on his face while he is telling you to do burpees on the minute every minute!


He really is a genuinely funny, kind and all round nice guy (you might disagree with the last bit once the session start). 



Antoine is hands down, the best coach I’ve had the pleasure of training with.


I was a rookie when I first started training with him and he supported my fitness journey all the way. Not only does he push me to give it my all (even when I want to give up), his playlists always pump me up!


A top trainer and all round top guy!